4 most common mental health issues men need to look out for

2 min readJun 16, 2022

In the post-pandemic world, mental health issues are on a rise for everyone, including men. According to the CDC, the symptoms of anxiety and depression have almost tripled in the general population!

While mental health interventions were not adequate for men in the first place, the isolation and lack of a feeling of safety has further driven men to unhealthy behaviours like substance abuse. Not only are men less likely to reach out for help, but even fail to recognise when help is needed due to the lack of awareness about men’s mental health.

In 2020, the KIRAN helpline was started by the government in an attempt to make mental health crisis intervention more accessible. The helpline reported receiving almost 30,000 calls everyday out of which almost 70% of the callers were men. This huge number is even more alarming considering that suicide has climbed up to be the 7th most common cause of death in men, almost 3 times for likely than in women.

Despite these concerning statistics, men’s mental health continues to be an ignored issue.

Why is men’s mental health sidelined?

There are multiple social and cultural factors that contribute to the lack of conversation around men’s mental health.

Generational beliefs are still rooted in many people, painting men as self-reliant, emotionless, violent, independent, etc. These beliefs are internalised in the population, as a means to define masculinity from a young age. Not only does this discourage men to reach out for support but to even acknowledge their own vulnerability.

Further, men and young boys often face criticism for “going against the norm” by simply expressing their needs and emotions. These acts further internalise the narrative of “asking for help makes you weak” or “real men don’t cry” and so on.

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