5 tips for good leadership in a toxic workplace

2 min readJun 3, 2022

What is a toxic workplace?

Most people spend over 8 hours of their day in their workplace- whether it’s in the breakroom, in meetings, on their desk, or with their colleagues. It is undeniable that having a toxic or unhealthy workplace can add significantly to one’s daily stressors.

The key differentiator between a bad day at work and a toxic workplace can be the consistency of bad days. Think about- how normal it is for you to have a bad work day? Do you find it difficult to gather the motivation to show up at work? Will the average work day be described as below average for most people? Chances are that answering these questions will help you differentiate between a bad work day or a bad work environment.

Signs that leaders should look out for

There are several indicators to alert a leader that the workplace is becoming toxic and taking a toll on the wellbeing of their employees

Stress levels

It is common for employees to be stressed and distracted. Being overworked, bombarded with deadlines and long meetings is too normalised. On most days employees have to work overtime. The constant pressure can even lead to irritation, anger, or depression, making the work environment pretty tense on most days.

Turnover/ absenteeism

Increased absenteeism is an early warning sign for turnover. High absenteeism and turnover point to low employee satisfaction which could be a major sign of an unhealthy workplace environment.

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