Just Speaking Out

2 min readSep 23, 2020

It helps.

Off late, myself and my partner have been engaging with people who are part of groups, communities and apps that tackle depression. Our endeavor was to really get to know the reasons of why people are part of these groups in the first place? The reasons were not clear to us initially, but as we spoke to more and more people, the signals were becoming more and more obvious.

a man woman feeling stressed depressed mentally and showing anxiety fear and sitting along

There were times & situations when speaking to friends and family wasn’t just an option.

“My friends are happy, why should I spoil their fun with my sad story?”

“My parents won’t understand what am going through in my relation.”

“We are from a conservative family, I can’t discuss boyfriend issues with my mom.”

There are some who overcome this by themselves, by reading up, taking self care lessons, meditation & breathing exercises, yet there are some who wanted to reach out to others in the hope to speak up and get help!

Speaking with others is the most primitive social trait that fosters connections & helps alleviate stress.

And then there is the issue of getting found out, taboo around being weak, being an outcast, things that stop us from not speaking out and getting help.

We had to find a way out of this trap. In comes,

Completely anonymous : so there’s no reason to restrain your thoughts. Make them heard.

Get social, like really social, not the instagram ‘happy’ social : There are so many who have walked the same journey as us, connect with them, get support and give support

Find 100’s of communities that are people just like you : Tackling issues like heartbreak, loss, anxiety, Covid, there’s always a group of people out there, waiting to help and support

Professional help? It’s there : Rely on a network of professionals that’s curated to solve your needs. Anytime.

It’s still early days, but both me and my partner hope that heyy, helps anyone going through difficult times, no matter how small or big, find someone who can help!

It all starts with a heyy,

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